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A day with This Is Not This Heat

On 1st March, This Is Not This Heat played at the EartH in Hackney as part of BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction Festival. It was one of their last UK shows, with the final London weekend planned for 24th-25th May 2019 at The Albany in Deptford. I had the chance to photograph them starting in the morning for the soundcheck, and continuing in the evening before, during, and after their concert.

Soundcheck photos

Pre-show photos

Concert photos

After-show photos

A big thank you to Charles Hayward, Charles Bullen, Frank Byng, Daniel O’Sullivan, James Sedwards, and Alex Ward for their kindness and most of all for the excellent music once again.

Tania Chen & Steve Beresford - recording session

Last month I had the pleasure of documenting Tania Chen & Steve Beresford’s recording session for their forthcoming album, the follow-up to Ointment (2004).

It was great to witness Steve and Tania’s creativity and exchanges in real time, as they improvised with a wide array of instruments, objects, electronics, voice, and shared piano/inner piano duties.

I can’t wait to listen to the recording.

The Lowest Form Of Music - LAFMS London Weekend 2010 - Monochrome Edit

Eight years ago, I had to pinch myself repeatedly. Right before my eyes and ears were artists that since the early 1970s embodied a unique mix of experimentalism, radicalism, weirdness, creativity, and pure genius. When I became obsessed with their music, I never imagined I would have been able to experience it live.

The Lowest Form Of Music - The Los Angeles Free Music Society’s London Weekend took place from 22nd to 24th October 2010 at Beaconsfield. It was a blast; three unforgettable days of sonic pleasures. At that time I was still using colour for most of my music photos, so I have decided to create some new monochrome versions for this eighth anniversary.

Pictured below, in alphabetical order: Ace Farren Ford, AIRWAY, David Toop, Extended Organ, Hijōkaidan, Incapacitants, Ju Suk Reet Meate, Le Forte Four, Morphogenesis, Oblivia, Paul McCarthy, Rick Potts, Smegma, The Tenses, Tom Recchion.

The weekend details are at LAFMS.com (a site well worth exploring). The Lowest Form Of Music 10xCD box set is the essential LAFMS release.

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